What to Know About Facebook’s oEmbed API Change

Embedding social content is a simple yet effective way to make your WordPress site more engaging. However, Facebook has announced a change to its API that could potentially break all your website’s embedded Instagram and Facebook content. If your website features any Facebook or Instagram embeds, then the upcoming oEmbed Application Programming Interface (API) change […]

7 Inspiring Headless WordPress Examples Out in the Wild (2021)

It seems like everyone in the WordPress sphere is talking about headless WordPress (we are as well). Decoupling the back end from the front end is poised to be a big part of the future of WordPress and headless CMS in general are something that we will see more of. In last few years WordPress […]

How to Add Your Social Media Feeds to WordPress (Step by Step)

Do you want to add your social media feeds to your WordPress website? Adding social media feeds in WordPress can help increase your followers, improve social engagement, and enrich your existing content. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add custom social media feeds to WordPress and create a social wall that brings all […]

WordPress 5.7 Release Candidate

The first release candidate for WordPress 5.7 is now available! Please join us in celebrating this very important milestone in the community’s progress towards the final release! “Release Candidate” means that the new version is ready for release, but with millions of users and thousands of plugins and themes, it’s possible something was missed. WordPress […]

What’s Coming in WordPress 5.7 (Features and Screenshots)

WordPress 5.7 beta is out for a while now, and it is scheduled to be released on March 9th 2021. It will be the first major release of the year and comes with some new features and improvements. We’ve been following the development closely and trying out the new features on our test sites. In […]

How to Require an Email Address to Download a File in WordPress

Do you want to have users enter an email address before downloading a file from your WordPress site? Many businesses use free file downloads like eBooks, white papers, etc to collect email addresses and potential leads. These lead magnets convert really well because it offers users an incentive that motivates them to sign up. In […]

Reflecting on Gutenberg’s 100th Release

1.0 to 10.0 Gutenberg 10.0 released this week, February 17, 2021, marking the 100th release of the Gutenberg plugin; the 100th release of a journey that started more than four years ago when Matt announced the project at WordCamp US 2016.  Where We Started The past four years have not always been an easy journey. […]

9 Tips to Find Hidden WordPress User Data to Grow Your Business

A lot of beginners don’t know that your website has hidden WordPress user insights that you can use to grow your business. Finding hidden user data can help you better understand your audience, follow up on leads, improve conversions, and boost sales. Marketing professionals track this user data to make data-driven decisions. In this guide, […]