A Successful Blogger on Making the Switch

After Kyla Marie Charles grew a successful blog on Blogger for 10 years and made her mark as an influencer, she realized her website was no longer able to support her needs. She began the search for her next platform and discovered WordPress.com.  “I started to become limited by the features that Blogger offered since […]

Build a Blogging Habit with Reminders in Your WordPress App

Writing regularly on your blog both improves your writing skills and engages the readers that visit your site. The more you write, the better — you can meet your posting goals while also building an online audience that keeps coming back for more. But to keep up a good habit, sometimes you need a nudge. […]

Newsomatic Review: Feature-Rich Autoblogging Solution

Autoblogging is not a new concept and has been around for years. For those of you new to this term, Autoblogging is a process that allows you to fetch content from various sources and publish blogs with that content automatically without any need for human intervention. It just needs selecting specific feeds, setting up the […]

Don’t Over-Architect Your Blog Posts

At some point, I lost the motivation to write about anything that would include too much code because of the amount of time it would take to: put a functioning solution together, architect it in such a way that’d fit with best practices (at least for OOP), explain the various features about OOP that the […]

Do You Need to Offer Health Insurance for Your Blogging Staff? It Depends

Did you know over 26 million Americans didn’t have health insurance in 2019? It’s not a secret that medical costs in the United States are expensive — and in various cases, people leave the hospital with substantial debt. That’s precisely why companies offer benefits to their workers. However, health insurance can be tricky to navigate […]

10 Best Website to Get Free Photos for your WordPress Blog

You decided to make your very first WordPress blog. Now what? Most experts suggest using photos in blog posts to make them more attractive to readers. It increases credibility and authority, and overall interaction with your content. A powerful image zaps right into your readers’ minds’ first bits and obtains them in the mood you […]

Turn Your WordPress.com Blog into a Podcast with Anchor

Blogging on WordPress.com is all about sharing your unique voice, and starting today, you can extend that to another platform: Anchor. We previously shared some tips and tricks for getting started with a podcast on WordPress.com and are thrilled to share this new option. Anchor, part of the Spotify family, powers 80% of all new […]