Gutenberg Ecommerce: Using the New Editor for Online Shops

Is Gutenberg any good for eCommerce? The new editor has been out for quite a while now, nearly three years in fact, and has been the default since WordPress 5.0. Reception at the time was and still is mixed; some people say the new editor is much better, while others simply hate it. These polarized […]

Ecommerce Mobile Website Design: 10 Tips to Do It Right (2021)

We recently published an article on eCcommerce UI design. In it, we mentioned that when talking about eCommerce website design for mobile devices, you could fill an entire separate post with it. In the following, we will go over best practices to create a mobile friendly experience on your eCommerce website. We will start off […]

13 eCommerce Trends You Should Absolutely Be Aware Of

It’s more important than ever for online stores to keep up with the latest eCommerce trends. The shift in buying culture due to COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on online stores that will continue this year, and perhaps forever. Even if you’re not ready to turn your store on its head to follow a […]

How to Protect Your eCommerce Store from Fake Adsense Clicks (In 3 Steps)

Google AdSense is a popular channel for promoting an online business. In fact, over 38.3 million websites use it to spread the word about their products or services. However, spammers and bots have the potential to derail your advertising campaign, and perhaps even lead to the suspension of your AdSense account. Fortunately, it is possible […]

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Store for Core Web Vitals With Jetpack Boost

Optimizing your online store for search engines is critical for driving sales. However, these platforms frequently introduce new ranking criteria. Most recently, Google announced that its new Core Web Vitals initiative will become a factor in how content is indexed and returned to users. Thankfully, there are already tools available that can help you meet […]

How to Start an eCommerce Store for Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

Running a brick-and-mortar business is challenging. You have to deal with customers face-to-face, organize products, manage inventory, track sales, and more. Figuring out how to start an eCommerce store and manage it on top of your existing responsibilities may seem out of reach.  However, if you don’t have an online sales platform for your business, […]

New WooCommerce Hosting for Large, High-Value eCommerce Stores

Built specifically to drive growth at scale for larger businesses, WP Engine marks a key product milestone today with the launch of our new WooCommerce hosting solutions for large and high-value eCommerce stores.  The new eCommerce offerings include: Vastly-improved product search experience (ElasticPress) Highly-optimized and managed dedicated WordPress server environments Easy, customizable WooCommerce site building…

Grow your eCommerce store with the power of WordPress

eCommerce is growing faster than any other sector in tech, and as it continues to surge, online store owners are increasingly turning to WordPress for added functionality and flexibility across their digital experiences.  While WordPress offers a ton of upside when it comes to building rich, engaging eCommerce sites, spinning up a digital store from…

How to Grow Your eCommerce Mailing List With MailPoet (In 5 Steps)

Email marketing can be a powerful way to keep your customers engaged and drive conversions. However, building an eCommerce mailing list and then sending out regular content can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are WordPress plugins that can do much of the hard work for you. By creating a signup form, visitors will be able to […]

Understanding eCommerce Trends: Microservices Architecture

It’s no secret that digital commerce is booming. In 2020, eCommerce sales in the U.S. jumped up more than 30% to a whopping $794.5 billion, making up more than 14% of total retail sales and offering a clear indication of how consumers increasingly prefer to shop—online.  As the eCommerce ecosystem has grown, so have the…