Instant Store Search: The Best Way to Power Your eCommerce Store is Now 10X Faster

WP Engine’s eCommerce hosting makes WooCommerce stores more performant, and our search functionality, Instant Store Search, just got a major speed upgrade.  Turn on Instant Results to bypass default WordPress search and provide your shoppers with more accurate, relevant search results up to 10x faster. It’s available right now to any WP Engine customer on…

8 Best WooCommerce CRM Solutions in 2022: Take Your eCommerce Business to the Next Level

If you run a WooCommerce store, then customer relationship management (CRM) is a crucial factor in ensuring the success of your business. Therefore, today, I will discuss the benefits of CRM to online companies, plus I will be suggesting some of the very best WooCommerce CRM platforms currently available. Ready to get started? Good. So, […]

Torque’s Social Hour: Robert Windisch talks about eCommerce optimization

The Torque Social Hour is a weekly livestream about WordPress news and events. This week’s guest is Robert Windisch, WordPress Agency CIO and part of the WordPress community since 2005. Joining us as the co-host this week is Joshua Dailey, to talk about a panel he is hosting for Decode 2022. Torque Social Hour with […]

How to Rank Your New eCommerce Products Faster (5 Ways)

When you launch a new product, the last thing you want is for it to take weeks or even months to start showing up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In eCommerce, time is money – and the quicker your new product ranks, the faster you can start making sales. The good news is […]

4 Examples of Headless WordPress eCommerce Websites

Headless WordPress has taken the digital world by storm. This flexible system has proven to be an excellent way to manage content – especially for eCommerce websites. However, knowing how to use it effectively can be a little challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of examples that can help. By understanding how certain brands leverage the […]

A Woo Year’s Resolution: Supporting SMB eCommerce Businesses in 2022

As I was doing my holiday shopping toward the end of 2021, I realized just how many of my product searches began on a very large, popular eCommerce site that many of us use as our default online shopping destination. What I realized I wasn’t doing though, was buying from small and medium businesses on…

Is it Possible to Build a Static WordPress Website?

Are you looking to simplify your WordPress website? Perhaps you’re finding your dynamic website too slow, or maybe you’ve realized there’s a lot of the back end you don’t need. To resolve those issues, you can generate a static version of your website. This can help boost its performance and security. Although we wouldn’t recommend […]

Internal Linking for SEO: How to Use It to Boost Your Rankings

Internal linking is an aspect of SEO that people often neglect or misunderstand. Many focus their efforts mostly on on-page SEO and building backlinks. And while those are the two things that Google most cares about, internal links also play a role in ranking your pages. If this is news to you and you are […]

How to Use Local (By Flywheel) Without WordPress (3 Easy Steps)

Although you may use WordPress for absolutely everything, there may be occasions where you break away from the CMS for one reason or another. And if Local is your tool of choice for offline development, you might think you have to switch to a different one because you can’t use it without WordPress. Thankfully, that’s […]

Changes to Our Pricing Plans

Our philosophy has always been one of experimenting, learning, and adjusting. As we began to roll out our new pricing plans a couple of months back, we took note of the feedback you shared. What we heard is that some of you missed the more granular flexibility of our previous plans. Additionally, the features you […]