8 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) in 2022: Is It Time To Switch?

Are you looking for a Google Analytics alternative for your WordPress site? Perhaps you have privacy concerns about having Google handle your data? Do you need something more user-friendly? Or maybe you want different features and options than those provided by Google Analytics? Either way, stay around as I will give you plenty of options […]

Introducing WordPress Starter: Make Your Mark

Every site starts with an idea. WordPress Starter is a new, beautifully pared-back plan designed to put that idea center stage. For just $5/month. Like the WordPress Pro plan (more on that below), WordPress Starter brings you the fastest WordPress managed hosting on the planet. Unlimited site traffic. And a revolutionary price. Make Your Mark […]

Press This: How WordPress SEO is Changing with Bhanu Ahuwalia

Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Here host David Vogelpohl sits down with guests from around the community to talk about the biggest issues facing WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the original recording. Powered by RedCircle David Vogelpohl: Hello everyone and welcome to Press This the WordPress community podcasts […]

Blogging for Business Guide (2022): 9 Easy Steps to Get Started

If you’re planning to start blogging for business, it’s imperative you ensure you’re taking the right approach, even from the very beginning. After all, a blog can serve as the touchstone for people to get to know your business. They can learn about your offerings and get a handle on your unique perspective.  A blog […]

Video Tutorials

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Fix it yourself

Search for answers to your WordPress questions. Or ask an expert Help from a USA WP expert Cheapest WP expert We have all the best WordPress tutorials you need to fix any WordPress errors or upgrades yourself! Enter any WordPress question you have in our search bar to find your answer. WordPress is one of […]

Should You Use an APM Tool for Your WordPress Website?

Users across the globe choose WordPress to create polished websites because of its open-source software and customization options. However, you may spend a lot of time and energy monitoring and managing your WordPress website’s performance.  Fortunately, you can use an Application Performance Management (APM) tool to help optimize the performance of your WordPress website. In […]

6 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Online Business & Marketing

There’s no denying it: the world and how we do business has seen change major change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been over two years now, and it’s easy to see the lasting impact. From six-foot markers on shop floors to hand sanitizer absolutely everywhere to masks adorning everyone’s faces, the world is not […]

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Local Searches (3 Tips)

Most websites live and die by search engine traffic. The better you are at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the more potential traffic you can get. However, there’s a big difference between optimizing for regular searches and local ones. If you run a business with a local presence, you’ll need to learn how to target specific […]

How to Improve WordPress Search: 6 Effective Methods to Try

WordPress’ built-in search engine has definitely improved a lot over the years. And for the vast majority of smaller sites, it works well enough. But when your site starts to grow in sheer volume of posts and pages, or you start using plugins like WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields, you may find that the default […]