Manually Installing WordPress, the Race Against Time

WordPress is known for its ease of installation, generally taking five minutes or less. But there’s a considerable risk involved in manually installing it on a web host. Earlier this month, Vladimir Smitka, a security researcher from the Czech Republic, highlighted the risk in detail. Upon sharing the article on Twitter, I noticed quite a […]

Take Bookings, Set Up Subscriptions, and Automate Your Store With New Premium Plugins

Plugins are the building blocks and the rocket fuel for your website. They can help make your site faster and easier to manage but also bring essential elements to your fingertips. From email opt-ins and contact forms, to SEO, site speed optimization, calendars, and booking options — the list is nearly endless. If you […]

8 WordPress Plugins That Use AI to Improve Efficiency

WordPress is a fantastic resource when you’re looking to build your own website. Since its creation in 2003, it has grown from a blog-publishing site to supporting media galleries, forums, online stores, and mailing lists. But with its many great features, some may miss the current spotlight. Whether you’re a new user or a WordPress […]

WP Engine Acquires Popular Delicious Brains WordPress Plugins Including Developer Favorite Advanced Custom Fields

AUSTIN—June 02, 2022 — WP Engine, the world’s most trusted WordPress technology company, today announced it will acquire five of the most popular developer-centric tools for WordPress from Delicious Brains, strengthening the company’s offerings for both traditional and headless managed WordPress. The plugins have a total installed base of approximately 4 million users and are…

Press This:  WP Engine Acquires Delicious Brains Plugins Including Advanced Custom Fields

Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Here host David Vogelpohl sits down with guests from around the community to talk about the biggest issues facing WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the original recording. You can find out more about WP Engine’s acquisition here. Powered by RedCircle David Vogelpohl: Hello everyone […]

10 Best WordPress Accessibility Plugins in 2022: Help Everyone Use Your Site

When most people build a WordPress site, one of the oft-overlooked elements is accessibility. They work hard on writing quality content, installing the best plugins and using a beautiful theme. But most don’t even know about the accessibility aspect. If you are serious about your users, designing your website for accessibility is one of the […]

Find WordPress Plugins: 10 Best WordPress Directory Alternatives

WordPress’ official plugin repository is a great place to find free, easy-to-install plugins. However, it’s not the only place you can find them. In fact, thousands of plugins exist all over the Internet just waiting to be discovered. By sticking to the repository, you’re severely limiting yourself. Since paid plugins aren’t allowed in the repository, […]

Buy Paid Plugins Directly on

For users on our Business and eCommerce Plans, plugins are a critical part of the experience. We’re always looking for ways to simplify the process of discovering and installing powerful WordPress plugins. As a result, we’re now making it possible to purchase certain plugins directly on the plugin page. Not only that, but […]

How to Create a Local WordPress Website (3 Methods)

In most cases, you want as many people as possible to visit your website. However, you can also create a “local” site that only you and other users within your network can access. Local WordPress sites are amazing tools for development and testing, and best of all, they’re free to use. A local WordPress website […]

How to Remove Unused CSS and JavaScript in WordPress

When you are looking for a way to remove unused CSS and JavaScript code from your WordPress website, you are most likely diving deep into improving site performance. After all, any code that the browser doesn’t have to load is code that doesn’t slow it down. However, it’s also generally a good idea to regularly […]