The Idea of Boxes for Multiple WordPress Projects in One Installation

When working with multiple WordPress installations – that is, having to manage an array of directories for whatever it is you’re working on, it seems that it’s more often not common to suggest creating a new WordPress installation for each project. This isn’t something necessary assuming the nature of your work can operate off of […]

Debugging in Local (by Flywheel): A Beginner’s Guide

Having problems arise on a website or even within the local installation of a website can be nerve-racking. After all, site performance issues or bugs can result in site downtime. And site downtime can mean lost traffic, missed opportunities, and even lost revenue. Thankfully, numerous debugging solutions exist for identifying and repairing site issues. But […]

The Month in WordPress – July 2022

July 2022 brought a lot of exciting announcements and proposals for the WordPress project, from an updated timeline for the WordPress 6.1 release, to design updates on Read on to learn more about the latest news from the community. WordPress 6.1 development cycle is now published Mark your calendars! The WordPress 6.1 development cycle […]

Using Git With Local (By Flywheel): Best Practices and Workflows

If you aim to build plugins for WordPress, making use of Git workflows can be extremely beneficial, especially to foster collaboration. However, figuring out how to set everything up is a challenge when you’re new to the process. Perhaps you’ve never seen Git before and don’t know how it works? Or maybe you’re unsure as […]

Hot Off the Press: New Themes for August 2022

The team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Below you’ll find the six newest themes that we’ve added to our library, giving you beautiful options for a product showcase, photography portfolio, travel blog, or whatever else you can dream up. To install any of the below themes, […]

Local Cloud Backups Add-on Tutorial: How to Make the Most of It

Conducting site backups on a regular basis, whether local or in the cloud, can be a time-consuming task. So much so, that many site owners will forego it altogether, which can lead to significant data loss and even lost revenue. And then, all that concern over time lost performing backups seems like small potatoes compared […]

Press This: Why Troy Dean Just Quit as CEO of his Agency and Why You Should Quit Too

Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Here host David Vogelpohl sits down with guests from around the community to talk about the biggest issues facing WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the original recording. Powered by RedCircle David Vogelpohl: Hello everyone and welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast […]

Manually Installing WordPress, the Race Against Time

WordPress is known for its ease of installation, generally taking five minutes or less. But there’s a considerable risk involved in manually installing it on a web host. Earlier this month, Vladimir Smitka, a security researcher from the Czech Republic, highlighted the risk in detail. Upon sharing the article on Twitter, I noticed quite a […]

How to Use Local (By Flywheel) Without WordPress (3 Easy Steps)

Although you may use WordPress for absolutely everything, there may be occasions where you break away from the CMS for one reason or another. And if Local is your tool of choice for offline development, you might think you have to switch to a different one because you can’t use it without WordPress. Thankfully, that’s […]

How to Import and Export Websites in Local (By Flywheel)

One of the great features of Local is its ability to import and export websites. This is, of course, useful to move a local site to a live server and vice versa or to move a local installation to another computer. If you do this with any other server (local or live), it usually involves […]