52 WordPress Development Tools to Simplify Your Projects

Even though WordPress is loaded with features straight out of the box, it’s still often essential to source additional tools, plugins, and resources for the development of a fully functional website. Thankfully, tons of third-party tools exist for adding features to WordPress and streamlining workflow. Today, we’ll be showcasing 52 WordPress development tools that help […]

How to Uninstall WordPress Plugins Completely & Without a Trace

Uninstalling WordPress plugins: Probably the simplest thing in the world, right? Just click a few buttons and the problem plugin is gone. In an ideal world that would be the case. But the default uninstaller can actually leave a lot of garbage data behind on your site. This ranges from useless tables left in your […]

How to Back Up Your WordPress Website (3 Methods Compared)

Performing regular backups can keep your site safe and provide peace of mind. However, if you’ve only just set up your WordPress site or have limited technical knowledge, this task may sound a bit daunting.  Fortunately, backing up your site can be a straightforward process. There are different methods you can use, some of which […]

How to Add HTTP Security Headers in WordPress (5 Types)

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). However, it’s also a favorite target among hackers, with 4.3 billion attempts to exploit vulnerabilities recorded in a single year. As a site owner, you may find this figure very worrying.  Thankfully, there are ways to make your site less susceptible to attacks. […]

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It? 10 Factors to Consider

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it? That’s likely a question on your mind when comparing prices of different hosting options for your site. First, what is managed hosting? In short, it means you’re handing your web server over to the company. They’ll take care of the setup, maintenance, and any errors that arise. Many managed […]

10 Highly Convincing Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Do the benefits of managed WordPress hosting outweigh the costs? That’s one of the main questions anyone who is contemplating hosting their site with a managed provider will ask themselves. After all, theoretically, you can do everything that managed hosting providers offer yourself. So, is it worth paying for the extra service? To answer this […]